Homework Hassle

Now that my oldest is in first grade, he has homework every night. UGH! He usually has a math page, spelling words, sight words, and reading. We also have wrestling practice, after school club, and I have to run back and forth between two cities picking up kids so the time he has to do homework is minimal. He gets home and doesn’t want to do it then and I don’t blame him! So we set up a routine that works for everyone.

I put several things in the van for him so he can do his homework as we drive back and forth. We are productive!

Here is what I put in the van:
-a lap board so he has a flat surface to write
-a pencil case which includes pencils, crayons, and glue
-a bin of books that I change out every few weeks to keep it fresh

Now G quickly does his homework while we drive and then when we get home he’s done! It’s a great solution for our family and it beats fighting with him when we get home and he just wants to play.

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