Dec 21 Books

I love books that really make you think. Some of these books, my oldest son has been talking about and referencing a lot lately. I think that’s great because that’s what good books should do….they should stick with you! I hope some of these stick to you too! These are more geared toward older kids though so you might want to read them first to be sure they are ok for your child. My five year old (and three year old) loved all of these but only you know what’s ok for your children to handle. The first book deals with a boy who likes to wear dresses and paint his nails (like my boys do). The second is a book about whether or not zoos are good for animals, although the message is very subtle. The third is about a boy and his father stuck on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall. It’s very powerful!

by Christine Baldacchino

by Marina Ruiz Johnson

by Tom Clohosy Cole

All of my boys like these books (there are many in the series) although I think they are just crazy!

by Judy Schachner

Here are a couple for the wee ones in your home. My two littlest guys make me read these again and again and again!

by Eric Carle

by Jon Scieszka

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