Books, Books Everywhere!

I have three boys….and they are definitely boys!  Rough-housing, fighting, jumping, crashing, smashing etc.  They are a wild bunch!

Sometimes when things get too wild, I sit them all down and we read.  It seems to be the only real way to calm them all down without putting them in separate rooms in time out.
The key to this, is having books everywhere!  We have books in every single room in our house except the kitchen and bathrooms.  I have bookshelves or bins all over and I occasionally change the books out so it’s fresh but it’s usually ok if it’s the same for awhile because I’m not alway reading the same books in the same place.

I also have a bin of books in the van so we always have access to those if we need some distractions while driving or at restaurants, doctor’s offices, etc.

Often, just having the ability to drop everything and read is what saves my sanity when my boys get too crazy!
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