Summer Reading

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Often in the summer we relax….maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the lack of a schedule since the kids aren’t in school…but we forget to read to our kids. I suggest the opposite approach! I suggest bombarding your kids with books since they won’t be reading as much at school.

Our local libraries and school districts put out a list of suggested summer reading books. I look those up every year and then reserve them all! (Yes, the librarians love me…not so much!) Then I be sure that we read them all. That gives me some ideas for what to read. I also visit the local bookstore once a month or so and take pictures of all their new books shelves. Then I go home and reserve those books at the library too.

Our library also does a summer reading challenge with prizes and special story times. It’s fun for the kids to track their reading and it motivates them as well.

So this summer…jump into the pool…but also jump into some great books!

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