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My eldest has “story packs” that he receives from school.  He brings them home and they contain a book, puppet of some sort, and a journal.  Well, he brought home one the other day and it also contained a tape of the book.  I had gotten rid of all my books on tape (not my best moment) when we were organizing the house because I thought I didn’t have a tape player.  Well, then I remembered that I did have one!  I dug it out and after a quick tutorial for the boys including color coded tape on the buttons, the kids loved listening to the story on the tape!  My middle guy listened to it twice in a row after I had already read it twice in a row.  :)

This was a huge A-ha moment!  That week I went to the library and checked out 10 different books on tape/CD.  We’ve been listening to them over and over again in the van to and from school and during the day as well.  The boys love to hear them!
Often I’m home alone with all three boys and I’m trying to prepare dinner or fold some laundry and I’m against putting the kids in front of the TV to keep them from fighting or tearing the house down.  This is an enormous help!  Now I just get two of the same book….this might be tricky for some of you…but my boys fight over who turns the pages so I give one of them the copy of the book from the library and give the other one a copy from our collection of books and they are good to go.  You could also have them take turns with the pages if you only have one book.  The tapes are usually only 8-10 minutes…BUT….they often read the story twice, once with chimes and once without, so I let them listen to it twice in a row and they are totally fine with that and it gives me 15-20 minutes of work time.

It’s also great because my eldest, who is starting to read now, follows along with the words and he’s picking up some new sight words from following along with the tapes.  It’s also good for them to hear some of their favorite books read by people other than me and Daddy.  They learn that the stories are always the same but they sound differently when read by other people and that’s ok!


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